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Our clients are enthusiastic about the level of service and productivity they have received from Computer Power Unlimited. Read what they have to say about Computer Power Unlimited!

I've purchased computers from Computer Power Unlimited since 1994 for several different businesses and applications, as well as for my home.  CPU has never failed to handle all of my extensive and sometimes difficult needs, especially the special video card that I need to run 4 monitors from 1 computer.  As hardware and software are upgraded by CPU, they always manage to make everything work as no other company ever has before.  There's no reason to go anywhere else for any of my computer needs.

- AB
Owner, AB Caffe Services

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your knowledgeable team for providing excellent service both in store and in my home diagnosing, restoring and maintaining my home based business computer network.  I have worked with other companies in the past who offer similar services but I will say without hesitation that Computer Power Unlimited provides not only superior service and the most knowledgeable technicians, but the friendliest service and the most competitive pricing I have found anywhere.

- LL
Independent Consultant
Rodan+Fields Dermatologists

Just wanted to say how very, very pleased I am with my new computer! It works beautifully… so silently that I have to look for the light to be sure it’s on… and with great speed – something my old one could no longer provide in its final, gasping weeks. My sanity has returned, and the blood pressure is back to normal.

There has not been one glitch in any of the transferred material or newly-installed software.

All of your technicians conscientious work is greatly appreciated. Please thank them for me – and kudos to all at CPU! I am braggin’ on you guys!

- LL
Travel Editor
Westlake Magazine

CPU is the best computer design, sales, service and up-keep location you will ever find so stop looking!

They make the very best computer systems and service all computers.

- Bob R
RLR Production Group, Incorporated

I finally got some time to dismantle the old system, and put the new system in place. I'm emailing you from my new Vision computer. The keyboard key "feel" is very nice, and the system itself is super fast. One example: when my antivirus updated its virus files each day in my old system (1.3 GHz Pentium), it took 100% of my CPU time if you can believe that. I couldn't do anything else, so I'd have to take a break for about 5 minutes. This usually happened when I first turned on my system.

With this system, when antivirus is updating, it takes 1% of CPU time. I couldn't believe it. It's gave me an inkling of how superfast this thing is. You told me of the multi-core system equivalent to 8 CPUs - Absolutely amazing stuff. Then I installed Word, Excel and Publisher 2007, and now each comes up instantly when I run them. It's another world using this system, and I thank you for putting together such a fine piece of equipment. I couldn't be more pleased. This computer is a joy to operate. I can't seem to tear myself away from it.

- RR
Moorpark College

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