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We provide the following services:

        • Computer Sales and Repair (Windows & MAC)
        • Upgrades and repairs for all brands of computers and notebooks
        • A complete range of custom built systems and servers
        • Network and Systems Integration
        • Network Installation and Solutions
        • Specialists in all Microsoft operating systems for your business and home
        • Network Cabling
        • Internet Set Up Services at your office or in your home
        • Printer and Monitor Sales and repair
        • Virus protection and removal
        • Software
        • Expert on site troubleshooting
        • Experienced, professional technicians
        • Firewalls and security
        • Electronic Recycling (Free Dropoff & Free Secure Hard Drive Erasure)



1.  BUSINESS AND HOME COMPUTER SYSTEMS - We configure computer systems every day for everyone from first time home users to large-scale enterprises.  We take pride in understanding your needs and in providing a solution to meet those needs.

 2.  OUR STAFF - Our employees are enthusiasts who take pride in building quality computers that offer reliability and performance.  Staying well informed regarding the latest technologies and future trends of the industry is a tedious and cumbersome task.  You can rely on us to help you make the right decisions.

We provide the original media for all programs installed on the computer.  The large proprietary companies only provide “restore” or “recovery” CD’s.  Theoretically, these restore CD’s allow you to restore your computer to “factory condition”.   If your computer crashes, the last thing you want is to restore your computer to factory condition, losing all your data!  These proprietary firms use the excuse that they are doing this to prevent Windows being pirated, or that they are not allowed to supply the Windows CD.  Don’t believe it, they are doing this to cut costs.  Separate Windows and application CD’s are your safest bet. 

4.  HIGHEST QUALITY COMPONENTS - We only use top of the line computer components from companies such as Intel, Asus, Western Digital, Kingston, Creative and 3Com to name a few.  Each component has been extensively tested to ensure proper functionality and stability. 

 5.  QUALITY CONTROL - Our computers are not built on an assembly line with a quick burn-in at the end. Each one is hand-built by qualified technicians who always go the extra step to ensure you get the most out of your computer.  All of the components installed are thoroughly tested.  If your computer has a DVD RW drive, we test burning and playing CD’s, burning DVD’s, and playing DVD Movies.  After our burn in process, each computer must then pass our final quality control inspection which covers over 60 items! 

 6.  UP-TO-DATE SOFTWARE - We apply the latest service packs, hot fixes, feature upgrades and driver updates for every piece of software that we install.  This tedious task will ensure that the computer you receive will be operating at the highest level of security, stability and functionality that current updates allow. 

 7.  CUSTOM BUILT COMPUTERS - In addition to our standard product line, we also manufacture custom built computers.  From a customized rack mount solution, or the classic full-tower configuration, to the most extreme gaming computer, we have done it all! 

 8.  WARRANTY SERVICE - If you need parts replaced under warranty, you can count on CPU to provide you with a new replacement part of equal or greater value.  Others in this industry use refurbished or reconditioned parts for warranty replacement, which we at CPU know is not the best option. 

 9.  RELIABLE COMPUTERS - Our computers run longer and have less problems than big name brands.

 10. 20 YEARS OF EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE - We are well established and have been doing business since 1990.  We take pride in offering quality computer systems and unparalleled services.  This reputation is the reason why nearly all of our new business is by referral.        




 1.  REPUTATION - We are proud of the reputation we have earned from our corporate and home user clients and proud that we have been selected to receive the Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Computer Repair.

 2.  CERTIFICATION - Our technicians are all certified. We are also Microsoft and Intel Authorized.

 3.  SECURITY AND RISK ASSESSMENT - We provide the latest recommendations on security issues for your business and home systems, from firewalls to spam protection.  We can train your staff on security awareness.

 4.  PRIVACY - We respect your privacy. Your information is not disclosed to 3rd parties and we don’t send you junk e-mail.

 5.  MAINTENANCE -We offer proactive, cost effective maintenance packages designed to meet your specific needs.

We offer proactive, cost effective maintenance packages designed to meet your specific needs.

 6.  CONSULTING - If you need new hardware, software or peripherals, we can advise, procure and install from reputable manufacturers.

If you need new hardware, software or peripherals, we can advise, procure and install from reputable manufacturers.  7.  VIRUS PROTECTION AND VIRUS REMOVAL - We offer only the best solutions for virus protection for all your systems. If you have let your protection lapse and get infected, we offer a variety of options to get your system clean depending on the severity of the infection.

 8.  DATA PROTECTION AND BACK UP - We work with you to provide reliable, cost effective solutions to protect and back up your information.

We are able to offer data recovery in case of hardware failure or if data has been overwritten. Most of this work is carried out in house and the rest is done by the best data recovery company in America.

- We will provide you with an honest review of your network and computers.





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