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Partners & Products

Below are some of our Partner Companies, Recommended products, and Gadgets that we think are just plain cool. To place orders and for assistance with installation & configuration, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

If you wake up tomorrow, press the power button on your computer, and nothing happens, what will you do? If the unthinkable happens and your home or office burns to the ground, if the sprinkler system malfunctions or the roof leaks?

These don't have to be panic stricken crisis situations as you imagine losing years of irreplacable family photos, hours of music, or your entire company's financial database.  Instead, get a Fireproof / Waterproof External Hard Drive from IoSafe. Surprisingly Affordable for the peace of mind that you get from knowing that your data is safe.

It is still amazing how many computers come in our office's front door with no Anti Virus software installed. In this day and age that's just begging for an infection that will cripple your computer and cost you hundreds of dollars to fix. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

But its just as important to choose the right Anti-Virus software. Making your computer unuseably slow in the name of protecting it is hardly a solution.  We have done side by side testing of all the major Software packages, and the clear winner is
ESET NOD32 & Smart Security.

Let's face it. When you're buying a laptop the biggest brand isn't always the best choice. When a company becomes that large, they lose incentive to build quality products or to provide timely or quality customer service. Instead let us deliver you a Sager, for competitive prices and superior quality.

Hiring a new Employee and want to make sure they're legit? Need to dig up the dirt on a cheating spouse? Contact Informed Decision for all of your Investigative and Background Information Services needs.

Creating a data backup plan for the future is all well and good, but what happens if it is already too late? If your hard drive is failed and you're up the creek with no paddle, its time for Drive Savers. With their professional Clean-Room facility and proven track record of saving people's bacon, Drive Savers can be the difference between a Computer failure being a minor nuisance, or being the end of your business. 

Don't skimp on the quality of the hardware in your computer. Saving a little bit of money now isn't worth all the extra trouble it will cause you down the road.  If it has to be reliable, it has to be Intel.

From tired to wired in 30 seconds flat. An Automatic Expresso Bar from AB Caffe Services is the perfect way to keep your office employees content, or for hosting a social or business event. Sales & rentals available.

Proud Member of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamer of Commerce.  Shop Local, its better for you, and its better for your neighbors.

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